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Attractions and Theme Parks

We can help improve your metrics and customer satisfaction. Some examples of our previous project focus include: Evaluate throughput, improve guest satisfaction, improve maintenance practices, maximize resource utilization, lower operating expenses, reduce or eliminate breakers from operations, streamline processes producing better customer results. Let us help you improve your profitability and customer satisfaction.

Hospitality Organizations

Improve guest satisfaction, associate satisfaction, and profitability is our specialty. Our most recent examples demonstrate how you can maximize resource utilization to get you more ‘bang for the buck’, decrease operating expenses through process improvement without the negative impact of budget cuts, make business process changes to allow your guest satisfaction and employee satisfaction scores to increase. Contact us to learn more.


Zoological Organizations

Some of the challenges with increased scrutiny on zoological organizations is how to make necessary business changes without negatively impacting your organizations image. We can help you improve animal welfare and metrics, evaluate processes related to collections, operations, administrative functions, attendance and membership, maintenance, and commercial operations to increase bandwidth and allow more time to do what you want to do! Create new business opportunities through a vetted and collaborative progression without fueling controversy.



There are various approaches to Process Improvement. Methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, Agile/Scrum, Kaizen, Hoshin, and others can provide significant results. But without understanding of the problem, and clarity of purpose, these methodologies will not provide sustainable improvement. Many organizations spend significant amounts of money for ‘experts’ to improve performance. They struggle to determine the best approach, which sometimes leads to minimal impact and sustainability.  The real secret is empowering process owners to understand the basic spirit of process improvement and how to adapt and apply concepts to their situations every day at every level of the organization. Nimbleness and flexibility allows business to respond to environmental changes faster and in a less expensive way. Financial benefit is a result, or output, of this effort. The financial gain comes from increased bandwidth of duties and time for process owners, improved morale, alignment of activities toward a common goal, and more efficient use of resources.


The purest application of process improvement is in manufacturing where processes are repeated many times regularly. For instance, saving 1 second in process time for a process that happens 1000 times daily equates to approximately 100 hours a year. While some companies are able to ‘reduce’ their staffing as a result, many use those extra 100 hours to increase value added activity. This concept is one core idea of process improvement. Eliminate non-value added steps in a process to allow more value added time.


This same concept can be applied within any organization. Within our 28 years in attractions, theme parks, hospitality, and zoological organizations, we have taught thousands of leaders how to make improvements within guest services, operations, husbandry, animal welfare, and administrative functions that have saved millions of dollars while increasing loyalty, market share, and improving associate engagement. For example, examining a time motion study within a large culinary operation identified the location of kitchen equipment as a root cause. Rearrangement of the equipment led to a significant improvement in production time and lowered labor cost. The simple solution saved the hotel’s labor and increased guest satisfaction through quicker service within the culinary operation. Another example would be creating an opportunity to treat an animal medical condition through behavior training and mechanical enclosure redesign to reduce the amount of times the animal receives anesthesia.


Over our experience, we have found the most impactful and sustainable results by adapting these concepts into multiple environments. Most recently, within zoological industry organizations in areas like animal husbandry and welfare, retail operations, veterinarian services, collection management, and organizational capacity. Our passion for seeing organizations succeed and our desire to improve performance by teaching process owners how to identify process opportunities makes us a valuable and unique resource for any service organization interested in taking their results to the next level. Aligning organizational strategy, processes, and tactics to produce sustainable improvement is what we want to bring to your organization.


AHZ Advisors

San Diego, California, United States

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