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Since 2018, we have studied, taught, developed, and helped improve organizations through LEAN Six Sigma and Six Sigma applications. Although rooted in manufacturing, we have achieved great success with adapting these methodologies to Attractions, Theme Parks, Hospitality, and Zoological organization. Empowering process owners to make educated, aligned, effective, and sustainable process changes organically, resulting in a more engaged and robust organization. Teaching leaders to ‘go and see’ and educating process owners to recognize opportunity and apply changes systemically is our specialty. Many organizations embrace change, but lack the experience and knowledge to sustainably apply changes and monitor improvement. We bring a fresh perspective to your business with an unbiased and innocent perspective, resulting in clearer, more impactful benefits.


People do not fail, processes do. By recognizing that most everyone wants to do good work, and correcting, removing, and eliminating non-value added work, we can help you improve your business for your customers and your associates. Every challenge has a countermeasure that can be implemented for different results. There is no such thing as a ‘silver bullet’ but by providing tools and education to your workforce, your business becomes more resilient, nimble, flexible to environmental changes and creates an entire workforce of problem solvers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you improve your metrics, improve your morale, and most importantly improve your customer relations.

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Jeff Foster
President and Founder

Jeff Foster has served in many process improvement roles over the past 28 years. Some of his proudest legacies are from organizations that increased their profitability and continue to identify growth opportunities organically. Foster has worked with large global organizations in the Attractions & Theme Park industry, corporate and individual ownership Hospitality portfolios as well as multiple global Zoological organizations. His work in the for profit and not for profit sectors has taught him a large variety of successful applications of process improvement methodologies. He frequently shares his knowledge freely through conference engagements with Lean organizations in the United States and abroad.

Most recently, Foster left San Diego Zoo Global after 8 years as Corporate Director of Performance Improvement to open his own consulting business, prior to which he served as a Senior Manager within Operations Support for the North American division of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. His Six Sigma and Lean experience provided insights for Starwood to improve hotel operational performance and maximize room revenue. He was also part of the 4-person team responsible for Lean program implementation at 440 properties across North America. He has over 28 years of process improvement, leadership development and coaching, and hotel operations experience with multiple hotel companies including Hyatt, Marriott, and Walt Disney Resorts. Foster is certified in Six Sigma, Lean, Organizational Capacity, and Leadership Development methodologies.

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